Mailing Address For Electric Bills

Watsontown Borough
P.O. Box 273
Watsontown, PA 17777

Watsontown New Electric Service Application

New Electric Service Application.docx

Watsontown Borough Electric Rates

Electric Rates

2022 Electric Meter Reading Dates

DATE:                                                                          DAYS:

January 18th            Tuesday                              33

February 17th           Thursday                           30

March 22nd              Tuesday                              33

April 20th                 Wednesday                       29

May 24th                    Tuesday                              34

June 23rd                 Thursday                            30

July 26th                    Tuesday                             33

August 23rd             Tuesday                               28

September 21st      Wednesday                         29

October 19th           Wednesday                         28

November 17th      Thursday                              29

December 20th      Tuesday                                33


Remember to clean up around your meter bases, unlock gates and secure all animals.  The safety of our Public Works employees is imperative.