Watsontown Borough

Northumberland County Pennsylvania

Refuse Collection

All residential refuse service is provided under a master contract with Bob Frey Disposal of Watsontown.  The monthly refuse billing amount for a single residential unit is $10.50, which is included on the monthly electric bill.  This cost is subject to change by vote of Borough Council.  Bob Frey will provide twice weekly pick-up of a single, metal, 33 gallon can at each residence.  Extra bags require stickers, which are available at the Borough office at a cost of $1.00 each.

        Monday & Thursday – collection from all residences west of Conrail 

right-of-way (railroad tracks) within the Borough.

        Tuesday & Friday – collection from all residences east of Conrail 

right-of-way (railroad tracks)within the Borough.

Pick-ups could begin in the early morning hours.  Any questions should be directed to

Bob Frey Disposal – 570-412-6842 or the Borough Office at 570-538-1000.  

Due to difficulty in lifting larger garbage cans, you will either need to downsize to a smaller can or place garbage in individual bags for easier removal from a larger can. The Borough contract indicates a 33 gallon maximum garbage can per customer per pick up.  If you have any questions on this matter,

feel free to call Bob Frey at 570-412-6842.  

Watsontown Borough
318 Main Street - Watsontown, PA 17777
570.538.1000(v) - 570.538.3353(f)

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