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Northumberland County Pennsylvania

Watsontown Emergency Management

David Hontz, Director Ken Hollenbach, Coordinator

318 Main Street 318 Main Street

Watsontown, PA 17777 Watsontown, PA 17777

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Federal Emergency Management Agency

Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency

Northumberland County Emergency Management Agency

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Special Needs Form

Rapid Response Form

Emergency Evacuation Routes


Message from Mayor Hontz



As part of the borough’s emergency preparedness plan, we are asking residents who may have special needs and may have to be evacuated from your home during an emergency to fill out a Special Needs Form”.

·        Residents with a handicap of any kind or whom are dependent on medical or support equipment that requires electricity should have their information on file in the event there would be a prolonged power outage.

·        If you have elderly family or friends that may need assistance in an emergency.

·        If you have a form on file and feel that it needs to be updated I would encourage you do so at this time.

·        Residents who are on line can download the form from the Watsontown Borough website at “watsontownpa.info under the “Emergency Mgmt. listing and select: “Special Needs Form”.   Fill out the form and return it to the borough.

Your safety is our concern,

Mayor Hontz


Mission Statement:

Watsontown Borough EMA is committed to providing the residents of our Borough the information needed to prepare for emergencies. We will strive to “inform” the residents of possible hazards. We will work diligently with our emergency services organizations to insure we “protect” our citizens. Finally, we will stand beside our citizens in the event of a disaster/emergency to help them “rebuild” our community.

Watsontown Borough
318 Main Street - Watsontown, PA 17777
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